Ranks <3:

High Ranks: (Must be earned)

-Alpha Female and Alpha male: The alpha's are the leaders of the pack, If you asked to do something by them you must obey. || Alpha female (ZTAF): Astrid - Alpha male (ZTAM): Currently empty.
-Beta Female and Beta Male: If the Alpha is not around, they become in charge until the alpha returns. || Beta Female (ZTBF): Empty - Beta Male (ZTBM): Empty

Medium Ranks: (Must be earned)
-Zeta (1-3) :  The war general of the pack. They take direct orders from the Alpha in case of a war, (War general) || Generals (ZTLW): Empty

-Theta (1) :  They are the lead medics within the pack, therefore it is they that the Iota aspire to be. (Lead Medic) || Theta's (ZTLT): Empty
-Kappa (1-2) : The lead hunters in the pack, (1 spot left) || Kappa's (ZTLK): Empty

-Tau (1): They are the lead scouts. || Tau: (ZTLS)

Lower Ranks:

-Epsilon (1-2) :  They are the Guardians of the pack. Their job is to ward off intruders and are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the pack (Guardians) || Guardian (ZTE):  

-Warriors (2-8) : The Warriors, Only two allowed. Take orders from Alpha, Epsilon and Zeta || Warriors (ZTW): 

-Delta (1-4) : They are the messengers in the pack and send messages to the allies and axis. (Messagers) || Delta's (ZTD):
-Iota (1-2): They are the medics of the pack, knowledgable in herbology. They will help cure and heal others. (Medics) || Medics (ZTI): 

-Lambda (Unlimited): They are the hunters of the pack. They follow the Alpha or the Iota in the hunts || Hunters (ZTL): 

-Sigma (1-2): The Sigma are the Tutors of the pack. They know much about each thing. || Tutors (ZTS): 

-Upsilon (1-4): They are the spies or scouts of the pack || Upsilons (ZTU): Empty
-Phi (1) - They are the pup sitters of the pack. || Phi (ZTP): Empty
-Recruiter (1-3) - They go recruit in flourite plains by collecting Rp samples and telling them to whisper to me. || Recruiter (ZTR):


-Gamma (1-2) : Usually the story tellers, They have been around for a long time and are the wisest in the pack (Elders) || Elders (ZTG): Empty

-Cutis (1-14): They are in age between pup and Adults || Teens (ZTC): Empty
-Youth (Unlimited): They are the youngest in the pack || Youth (ZTY):  Empty
-Alpha's pup (1-4) Alpha pups are the pups that belong to the alpha's. || Pups (ZTAP): Empty

-Lone Wolves (1-8) Rouges are the wanderers in the pack lands || Lone Wolves (ZTLW): Empty

-Apprentices (Unlimited) Apprentices are pups in training. || Apps (ZTA): Empty

If your female is pregnant please add ZTPF
If your in heat please add ZTIH