These rules must be obeyed at all times

Out of role-play:
-Please have a bio with your Name, Age, Gender, Rank and Personality 
- No swearing or cursing towards people.
-Do not threaten people at all
-Be kind to your pack mates and don't put them down.
-Do not argue!
-No mate begging, Rank Begging or any begging please.
-Two characters may be allowed
-Do not ask someone to be your mate for example (Will you be my mate? Sure! Awesome we are mates) Role-play it out.)
-Don't cause trouble for no reason.

In role-play:
- No God-modding and power-playing (Example: Leaps towards him, Biting his neck and makes him fall to the ground, no dodging." Don't do that, That was also an example of speaking for someone else.)
- Always be literate! Use full-stops, Capital and sentences (At least 3 sentences per paragraph)
- Pups are not allowed to go wandering off
-Keep cursing to a minimun
-Always obey higher ranks.
-Follow the pack code. (Found under more , You must read it!)
-Don't mate in the presence of others. We don't want to see you mating
-Before a pup can turn to a teen they must wait a week in real
-Teens or Pre-teens in training can not leave camp without there trainer