You must follow this code at all times, No if's, no buts, no whys:

1. Listen to the Alphas

2. Do not harm any pup, or abandon it. Regardless of the pack.

3. Meet at the meeting area when problems need to be resolved with other packs or if you are going to the meeting that takes place every moon.

4. The Alphas give you your position in the pack.

5. No hurting anyone in the pack unless you have discussed with the alpha and that wolf.

6. Defend your pack even at the cost of your life.

7. Do not hunt or trespass in another pack’s territory.

8. The Alphas, pups, and elders are fed first.

9. Pups, elders and non-trained teens may not take place in battle but go and hide.

10. Do not go near enemies.

11. The beta(s) takes the place of the Alpha(s) when he/she dies.

12. New betas are chosen by the Alpha.

13. Protect the boundaries of your territory.

14. A wolf can’t become a beta until he/she is 1 year old.

15. Wolf pups become apprentices when Alphas think they are ready.

16. Scouts are the only wolves that are allowed into other packs’ territory.